Mazhar Morshed & Kuldeep Suhag, React Native Engineer, Transpire

When people hear about React Native, they often have heard about it or maybe have played around with it. …

Mehmet Altuntas, Senior Azure Engineer, Transpire

Designing a cloud solution should focus on generating incremental value in the early stages. Use the pay-as-you-go strategy for the architecture and invest in scaling out, rather than delivering a large investment first version. The cost calculator is a good start to estimate the…

Michael Hallorina, QA, Transpire

Tech Assessment — KMM from a QA perspective

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile is an SDK that allows the use of the same business logic code in both iOS and Android applications. …

Man in the middle attacks

Phyras El Amin, (Support Analyst, Masters of Cybersecurity), Transpire

A Man in the middle attack (MITM) is one of the oldest ways of gaining access to unauthorised information. Hackers exploit a network or device by rerouting their connection to a secure site through their own…

Phyras El Amin, (Support Analyst, Masters of Cybersecurity), Transpire

“Without access to the Internet, your device becomes a paperweight…” That’s the general opinion these days. …

By Evan Amezcua, Frontend Engineer, Transpire

Gatsby and Auth0 has been in our Tech Radar for a while and recently we did a tech assessment to understand its benefits and shortcomings by using it to solve an actual problem. …

By Kevin Yu, Quality Assurance/Support Analyst, Transpire

I had never coded in high school, while one year of uni had taught me how to figure out the time complexities of a few miscellaneous sorting algorithms, and the basics of programming using functions, loops, variables etc.

But there were many more…

By Steve Li, Software Designer Engineer in Test, Transpire

From what I have seen, Charles seems to be one of the most popular and regularly used proxy applications among tech teams. So, I thought it would be good to give it a try.

Let’s go through some key points…

Installation and configuration

Luke Pearce, Team Lead — iOS, Transpire

In mid 2019, Apple shook the developer world with the announcement of SwiftUI — a simple declarative way to build user interfaces across all Apple platforms. I was lucky enough to be in the audience for this announcement and it was clear from…

By Transpire

GovHack 2020 was an opportunity for team ‘Data Don’t Preach’ to think about how technology could help Victorians’ quality of life during Stage 4 restrictions.

This year’s competition took place remotely, which meant calling upon the tools and processes that Transpire has utilised over the past six months to ensure the project’s smooth running.

Here’s a closer look at how Anki, Jas, Kristian and Lucy tackled the challenge, and what their final concept looked like. More project info can also be found here:


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